Dear Loudon County Citizen,

I am asking for your support and vote to be your next Loudon County Trustee.  I have lived in Loudon County since marrying my husband, David Colvard, 18 years ago.  David currently works for Malibu Boat Company and was employed at Arvin Meritor/Maremont for 15 years.  We have one daughter, Britney, who has been schooled in Loudon County since Kindergarten.  Britney currently attends Fort Loudoun Middle School as an eighth grader.

I was born to hardworking parents January, 1971.  My father, John Henry, was one of seven children that grew up in poverty.  He was a U. S. Veteran of the Vietnam War.  He went into the military as a way to make a better life for himself and was very proud to have served his country.  My father worked the majority of his life in a manufacturing plant.  My mother, Karen Davis Henry, was one of 14 children.  She has always and currently works in the accounting field. I have a brother, Joshua that is employed by the U. S. Postal Service.  He is married to Jamie and they have 4 children.  My parents were very involved in church. My father was the Sunday school superintendent and a deacon of the First Free Will Baptist Church while my mother was a Sunday school teacher. My parents worked very hard to give me and my brother a good life.  They taught us the importance of working hard and being responsible for yourself and to your family.  They taught us about honesty and integrity.  I was not only taught to be a hard worker, independent & trustworthy, but more importantly to take pride in myself and my job.  We were told that life was not fair and easy, that if you wanted something, then you must work for it.  My parents were wonderful people that taught my brother and I many life lessons that we still live by today.

Because my parents did not attend college, I was highly encouraged to go to college as a very young child.  One of my proudest moments was when I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in accounting from Pensacola Christian College.  The summer before I left for Florida, my father had a heart attack and a quintuple bypass heart surgery.  Due to his heart condition, I was never sure if he would see me graduate with a degree.  As the first person to graduate from college on my father's side of the family, I remember walking across the stage and looking at the last row in the auditorium to see my father's smile.   I realized at that moment that I had made my father proud of me for being the first on his side to graduate from college.

Another one of my proudest moments was when I was elected as the assistant church treasurer three months after I graduated from college.  I was the youngest to have held an office in that church.  Also, I was the first female to hold an elected position.  During that time, my job was to keep accurate tithing records for tax purposes.  When the treasurer was not able to make a business meeting, I was responsible for giving the financial statements in an open forum to the members of the church.

I started my "working" days volunteering at the local hospital in the afternoons and weekends.  During high school and my college summer/Christmas breaks, I worked at the Dairy Queen.  During the last couple of years of college, when I was home on breaks, I also held a second job working in an office to help with college expenses.  While in college, I worked in the food service department.  Upon graduation, I took catalog orders for a menswear company.  I started my first accounting job as an accounting clerk for Taylor Pharmaceuticals in the summer of 1994.  I also continued to work evenings at the menswear company.  It was not required for me to work a second job; this was something that I chose to do because my parents had taught me the value of a dollar.  I did not want to rely on others for my support. Not long after my hire date, I was promoted to staff accountant at Taylor Pharmaceuticals.  I had a wonderful boss who taught me a lot about working in the accounting field.  My jobs have consisted working as an accounting clerk for a book warehouse company with 75 stores across the country; a staff accountant for a trucking company; an accountant in the manufacturing field; and a senior accountant for a food distributing company.  I was employed as a bookkeeper for a small retail company that included 3 separate businesses.  This was a wonderful learning experience.  I was in charge of the office and learned a lot about managing others.  I currently work as a staff accountant in the reporting department for Accenture Hospitality Services (formerly Marriott Business Services).  My job involves working with outside contacts such as corporate & hotel owners and providing accurate reports for 53 properties.

I became involved with the Girl Scout program as a leader in 2009 to spend quality time with my daughter.  I have watched my daughter grow up into a fine young lady.  Our troop has been involved in many wonderful community service activities for Loudon County.  We have been involved with the Loudon County Sherriff's Toys for Tots program for many years.  This past Christmas, the troop went on a shopping spree to purchase toys for the program.  While helping at the warehouse to separate out the toys, it was wonderful to see the looks on the girl's faces when they saw the toys that they selected for a child in need.  This past summer the troop provided free carnival games and prizes to the community during Riverfest.  The troop also held an instrument collection drive for Fort Loudoun Middle School and Philadelphia School Bands.  There were children that were able to participate in the band program due to the instruments that were collected. They have volunteered at the Loudon County animal shelter and the nursing home.  It has been wonderful to be part of an organization where girls are learning about independence and giving back to their community.  By the way, thank you for all your support during our cookie season.  I know that the girls work very hard during cookie season so they can continue to participate in community service events.

The trustee should be experienced and knowledgeable in handling the most important revenue source of Loudon County. I have worked in many aspects of accounting for 20 years.  I have used my knowledge and skills working in accounting departments for small and large companies. My responsibilities have included dealing with banking institutions, preparing financial statements, company audits, maintaining disbursements and receipts while keeping accurate financial records.

I am a wife, mother, daughter, and a citizen of Loudon County.  I am not a politician.  I am not related to anyone that is an employee of Loudon County or to anyone who currently holds an official position.  I have no political agenda. As many of you may or may not know, my opponent was voted on by six county commissioners to fill the position as the interim Trustee when his father resigned.  I want the citizens of Loudon County to have a choice on the ballot for the Trustee position.  My experience in the accounting field has prepared me to perform the duties of the Trustee. I have lived in this beautiful Tennessee county for 18 years, raising my daughter to be involved in helping her community become a better place to live.  My husband & I have attended many school board meetings & county commission meetings because we care how Loudon County is affected by those we elect to serve our community.

I am asking for your vote in the Republican Primary on May 6, to elect me as your next Loudon County Trustee.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to serving the citizens of Loudon County.

Sherri L. Colvard